function pokemonreturn takes integer playerslot, integer pkcondition returns nothing //if condition is 0 no one cares. If its 1, both players return pkmn. //Timer defeat for wild pokemon cannot happen here because endbattle deals with that. //Timer defeat for pokemontrainer fights however, is dealt with, here.
set udg_TempInt3=playernumberid(udg_Playerhero[playerslot]) call DisplayTextToForce( GetPlayersAll(), ("TempInt3 is " + I2S(udg_TempInt3)) ) if ((udg_Playerhero[playerslot] == udg_PokemonTrainer[playerslot]) and (pkcondition !=1)) then//Should never get here, even by timer defeat. call DisplayTextToForce( GetPlayersAll(), "Map error 8") endif if((udg_ReturnPreventerCondition[playerslot] == false) or (pkcondition ==1) ) then//this bool is to prevent retarded/abuse esc spams. if(udg_Playerhero[playerslot] == udg_PokemonTeam[udg_Activepokemon[playerslot]]) then //Timerdefeat for VersusPlayerslot[playerslot], but playerslot player may also have not an pokemon outside. This is done so it doesnt bug. if (udg_HP[AIslot(playerslot)] != 0) then //detects wild pkmn fight call UnitRemoveAbilityBJ( 'A01R', udg_Playerhero[playerslot])//removes catch pokemon skill endif set udg_TempRect = playeritemrects(playerslot) set udg_TempX = GetRectCenterX(udg_TempRect) set udg_TempY = GetRectCenterY(udg_TempRect) call SetUnitX(udg_Playerhero[playerslot],udg_TempX) call SetUnitY(udg_Playerhero[playerslot],udg_TempY)//puts the pokemon "back to its ball"up to here set udg_NoPokemon[playerslot]=true set udg_NoPokemonInt[playerslot] = 10

        call SetTextTagPosUnitBJ( udg_NoPokemonText[playerslot], udg_Playerhero[playerslot], 0 )//moves dat floating text
        call SetTextTagTextBJ( udg_NoPokemonText[playerslot], I2S(udg_NoPokemonInt[playerslot]), 10 )//gives text: nopokemonint, converted from into to string
        call ShowTextTagForceBJ( true, udg_NoPokemonText[playerslot], GetPlayersAll() )//show floating text, cuz hidden
// BELOW LIES THE THORN, DESTROYER OF IMAGINARY BEATIFUL WORLDS!(It is safe to put /* here and right after local multiboard.
    //If I display tempint3 here, it returns 24. Then it goes to assign player 24. ggwp
        call DisplayTextToForce( GetPlayersAll(), ("But after it becomes " + I2S(udg_TempInt3)) )

goto line:
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