Small design changes

As you can see I have made some small changes to the design of the home page:

  1. Changed Fonts: 18px Georgia, 160% line-height.
    • Read this article: 16 Pixels
      For Body Copy. Anything Less Is
      A Costly Mistake
    • I thinkg Georgia is the most beatiful default font. I thought about using a custom web font but I thinkg Georgia is good enough.
    • I think this is the best combination to read a text on the web. I created a simple and stupid greasemonkey userscript to change the font on any page to this style. You can get it here if you also hate reading 12px fonts. If I have time I will create a real Firefox extension which does this better. All existing readability extensions for firefox I found had some problems …
  2. Changed color of the navigation bar to black
    • I like the black google bar. It lets you focus on the content.
    • The latest Ubuntu also has a similar dark bar at the top.
  3. Added a dark background pattern from They have a lot of nice patterns.
  4. Removed blue colors
    • just did not fit…
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